BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a non-profit research organization, specialized in international R&D&I collaboration that supports and guides its members and customers towards a sustainable development of connected technologies. The core of BNN activities and expertise are based on: (a) Building alliances and initiatives, (b) Technical support based on Safe-by-Design and sustainability aspects, supporting the development of materials, processes and products (e.g. safety and sustainability aspects along the value chain, nano-related safety-assessment, Safety-by-Design and Sustainability-by-Design implementation), (c) Innovation support and management, and (d) Complementary business support (e.g. high-quality project management in multidisciplinary projects on international level, dissemination and communication support, proven experience in organizing workshops and scientific trainings).

Within DeDNAed, BNN will be engaged in Dissemination and Exploitation tasks, such as constructing and maintaining the project’s website as well as preparing and implementing the dissemination strategy. Moreover, BNN will be involved in the Coordination and Management of the project, for instance with the development of the project quality plan. Finally, BNN will develop a Safe-by-Design concept, considering nano- and biosafety aspects.